AAPE, an abbreviation for Advanced Adipose-derived stem cell Protein Extract, is a mixture of refined growth factor proteins that is extracted from human adipose-derived stem cells conditioned media. With its unique protein formula, AAPE maximizes the revitalizing effects of your skin and hair follicles.

Key factors of AAPE

  • Human proteins

    Active proteins are derived from human source and do not cause allergic reactions or no skin irritation

  • Natural composition

    Natural composition of the various growth factors derived from ADSCs can provide the best biological activity

  • Multi-function

    AAPE exhibits antiwrinkle, antioxidant and skin-whitening effect

"AAPE" Introduced in Text book of Aging Skin(2009,USA)
-Chapter20, Adipose-derived Stem Cells and their Secretory Factors for Skin Aging' p201~202    more